What Can You Expect From Your Mole Exam?

When a person has a mole, it needs to be checked on a regular basis to ensure it is not becoming cancerous. Medical experts recommend individuals have their moles examined annually so they can be checked for any changes. With medical dermatology, moles can be checked and cared for so a patient’s skin health is protected.

Signs a Mole Needs to Be Checked

The mole has an irregular border

The mole changes color

The mole becomes itchy, irritated, or painful

The mole becomes scaly and flaky

The mole becomes red and swollen

The mole begins to ooze fluid or bleed

If any of these symptoms are noticed, a person needs to schedule an appointment for a mole examination so their mold can be carefully checked. If the doctor feels the mole looks suspicious, they may order a biopsy be carried out to ensure the mole has not become cancerous.

What Happens During a Mole Exam?

The entire examination will only take about thirty minutes or less, depending on how many moles are on the body. During this appointment, a patient will disrobe and wear a hospital gown so the doctor will have full access to the different areas of their body that will need to be checked.

The doctor will use special viewing equipment and lighting so they can see the mole in great detail. They will notate any areas of concern and will measure each mole and document the size so this information can be compared to subsequent examinations so changes can be noted.

If a mole looks suspicious, a biopsy will be taken so the specimen can be sent to a lab to be checked for any signs of cancer. Moles that are cancerous or assumed pre-cancerous will need to be removed for the health of the patient.

Schedule Your Exam

If you have moles that need to be checked, dermatological skin care is vital. A yearly exam will help to ensure your moles are not changing and becoming diseased growths. Call the office today to speak with the staff and schedule your mole examination. They will be happy to examine your moles and will work to protect your health.


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